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September 2017 Monthly Friendly Tip

After watching all the great golf tournament finishes this season, it brings to mind a couple of things:  (1) it ALWAYS comes down to putting! Have I not said this before?  And (2) can we keep things in perspective?

What do I mean by this?  The average weekend player will NEVER be able to compete on the tour.  Can we all agree on this?  So let’s TRY to keep our games, our scores and the time you have to work on your game in perspective.

I frequently have to remind my students that they are watching a handful of the very best players in the entire world. Also, it’s their JOB.  These guys and gals do nothing else than spend most of their days off working on some aspect of their game: putting, full swing, sand play, out of the rough, uneven lies, hitting out of hazards. Most of them are also in excellent competitive physical condition.  They ALL have teaching pros that they work with constantly.

Do you have the unlimited hours to work on your game like this?  Let’s keep it in perspective and be realistic about your ability to score like they do.

Realizing the average weekend player does not break 100, consider what the strongest and weakest parts of your game are.   When you do have available practice time, spend it on the weaker parts of your game.  I know it’s fun to swing away with driver after driver. But how often do you use the driver when you are playing?  How often do you need to Putt, Chip or Pitch?  Remember my fellow golfers – these are the Scoring Shots.

Two-thirds of your practice time should be spent working on those shots and only a third of your practice time should be spent on Full Swing. THIS is the way for the average golfer to begin to lower your scores. You need to be able to eliminate those big blow-up holes in order to get your score under control.  Perhaps this is where you should concentrate your practice.

At the end of the day, your score is just a number.  Allow yourself to be human, make mistakes and (above all) Have Fun!  There is nothing better than getting out with a few of your friends on a beautiful golf course and playing the greatest game ever invented. So go out there and HAVE SOME FUN!  Your score is incidental.  Enjoy the journey!

Come see me and let’s develop a proper practice program to improve YOUR game.

Take care.....and, as always.....“Swing Happy”

Linda Jochim
LPGA Class “A” Member
Leatherman Golf Learning Center