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February 2018 Monthly Friendly Tip

OK, the New Year is now in full swing (no pun intended).  What are YOU going to do in order to be adequately prepared for the Spring Golf Season?

I always tell my students that we don’t get this through osmosis – you actually have to put in some “Sweat Equity” in order to make minor or major adjustments to your game.  This means that you need to set aside some committed time to practice.  (And it pains me to say this, but women seem to be the worst when it comes to practicing………”I know I SHOULD, but it’s just SOOOO Boring!”)  Well, Ladies and Gents, let’s talk about how we can make practicing a little more fun and productive.

One of the things I often suggest to my students is to “practice like you play”.  In other words, after you are adequately warmed up, start off on the “1st Tee”.  Hit a driver.  Then, get ready to play your 2nd shot.  Will that be a fairway metal, hybrid or an iron?  Try to make it realistic.  You might actually find you enjoy practicing.  (“Cinderella Story…..” – we all know where that’s from.)

If you have a hole on your favorite course that makes you crazy – Use Your Imagination.  Get creative on ways to get even with that old nasty hole.  Years ago, I was having trouble with a particular hole at my club.  I just could NEVER manage to score on that hole.  I would always get to it with absolute Dread. 

Guess what?  All that negative thinking was the precursor of a bad scoring hole.  I needed to make an “Attitude Adjustment” and realize that I didn’t need to think of it as one horrible entire hole – but, rather – a hole that I simply needed to play One Shot at a Time.  (I have to give credit to my hubby, as he told me one day, “Linda, play the SHOT, not the HOLE”.)  Go figure, it was all there right in front of me to grab, but my negative way of looking at the entire hole was actually hurting my possibilities. 

Once I approached it with my new, improved thought process:  I made par on the hole, then, budding with confidence – I birdied it the very next time.  Do any of you recognize yourselves here?  I think perhaps one or two of you just might buck up and admit it. 

The same attitude adjustment can be used on Sand Traps, Water Hazards (when I see a student look in his/her bag for an old ball to hit over the water – Well – they’ve just told themselves that ball is definitely going swimming.)  Why do that to yourself?  Envision the green you’re heading for, not the hazard that is in your way.  What water?  I don’t see any water.  You’ll be amazed at what you can do.

Let’s not overlook your posture when walking to your next shot.  How many times have I looked across the fairway and seen someone slogging along, head down, shoulders humped over?  I wonder how they’re playing today.  Think positive!  Be happy you are out on that golf course.  Do you realize how lucky you are?  Trust me. There are a lot worse places you could be.  A day on the course should be pure joy, no matter the score.

Let’s work on your game TOGETHER.  I’m always here for you.  Put this off-season time to good use!

Take care – and, as always – “Swing Happy”.  Let’s make 2018 your best golfing year ever!

Linda Jochim
LPGA Class “A” Member
Leatherman Golf Learning Center