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October 2017 Monthly Friendly Tip

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Pace of Play.  You hear about it, you complain about it, everyone talks about it.  But, how do YOU help speed up pace of play?  Here are some suggestions:


  1.  Be READY to play.  Confirm your tee time in advance and please arrive at the tee EARLY with your golf equipment in order.  Extra Balls, tees, gloves and appropriate clothing for whatever the day’s weather may bring you.
  2. “Tee It Forward”.  Play from the set of tees that is comfortable and realistic for you.  Isn’t it more fun to get on the green in “Regulation”?
  3. On the tee, play “Ready Golf”.  If you think your tee shot may be lost or out of bounds, play a provisional ball to save time.
  4. Once in play, think ahead.  While walking or riding to your ball, try to determine your yardage, so you can make your club selection before it’s your turn to play.
  5. Keep that pre-shot routine short, and quit taking so darn many practice swings – 1 or 2 is more than sufficient.  You can accomplish this within 20 seconds or so. 
  6. When you hit your ball, follow its flight and direction until it lands. Put your club in your bag and travel (whether walking or riding) on a direct line to your ball.  You’ll find it Every Time.
  7. When sharing a cart, use a “Buddy System”.  This means you need to get out of the cart and begin walking towards your ball with a few clubs, then you should be ready to play when it’s your turn.  Then, let your cart mate pick you up. 
  8. Be helpful to others in your group.  You can help them look for their ball if necessary.  You can fill a divot or rake a bunker for another player in order to save time.  You can also be ready to tend the flagstick for others.
  9. Keep up with the group in front of you.  Rule of thumb:  If you have more than a ½ hole open in front of you – You Are Playing Too Slow.  If there is a faster group behind you; allow them to play through.
  10. Remember – He who is farthest from the hole goes first.  Make sure you are playing in the proper turn.  (Be safe – I’ve seen golf balls do funny things.)
  11. When on the putting green:  mark you ball in order to lift and clean it.  This way, you will be ready to replace it when it’s your turn to putt.  You can line up your putt while others are putting without disturbing them.
  12. To save time, leave your clubs on the side of the green that is closest to the next tee.  Leave the green promptly when finished and record your score on the next tee box.
  13. Finally:  You can always pick up your ball and move on to the next hole if you are “Out” of the hole.  The USGA handicap system permits this.  (Besides, who wants to see a 25 on their score card?)

I promise you will play faster and have a better time.  As Arnie used to say, “While We’re Young?”

Take care.....and, as always.....“Swing Happy”

Linda Jochim
LPGA Class “A” Member
Leatherman Golf Learning Center