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Your Monthly Golf Instruction Tip from Linda Jochim

Linda’s Friendly Tip:  February Monthly Friendly Tip

Let’s talk about your putting.   Do you keep track of the number of putts you have during your round?  If not, you should.  It’s a good indicator of what might need some improvement on the green.  When you consider that what we call “Regulation” putting is 2 putts per green, then it becomes perfectly clear how important your putting should be to you.  2 Putts per green x 18 holes = 36 putts per round.  If Par is 72, that means ½ of everything you do during your round will be putting!  Ok, I realize that’s the “Ideal” situation, but it should definitely give you some goals to work towards in the interest of getting those scores down.  Did you know that the average weekend golfer will 3-Putt as many times in 1 round as a tour player does All Year?  Yowza!  Perhaps your putting could stand a little improvement.

Do you have a “Pre-Shot” routine that you do every time?  If not – you should!  This helps you focus on your task at hand and helps calm you down over those Oh So Important Putts.  It doesn’t have to take a long time.  A good Pre-Shot routine shouldn’t be over 20 seconds.  I think you can manage this.

I like to teach my students a specific grip for putting:  The Reverse Overlap Grip.  Most tour players use this grip, with good reason.  They like the feel of the lower hand moving down the target line as they stroke through the ball.  This helps them keep the ball rolling longer and more efficiently down the line, which results in more accurate putting.  You might want to consider this grip for your putting.

If you wear corrective lenses, then I consider this part of your “Equipment”.  It can definitely have an effect on how you “Perceive” your break and target line.  I have many students that wear bi-focals or even tri-focals.  Just think about that for a moment:  Do you think this might make a difference in what you’re looking at?

When reading the green for break, you need to get down behind the ball in order to properly see the slope or contour of the green.  I promise you – it’s rare to have a straight, flat putt!  Also, I tell my students to become a “Stalker” of the green.  Take a walk around it and have a good look at how it looks to you from different angles.  This will give you a better idea of what is going to happen when you stroke that ball towards your intended target.  “Triangulate” – this means getting at a ½ way point from the side of your putt, in order to get a better feel for the length you have to go to get to the hole.  It just gives a better “visual” of your putt.  I consider all of these things just “Gathering Information” on your putt.  It’s all legal, so you might as well take advantage of everything you can to help you.  If you simply cannot decide on the break, then putt straight for the hole!  What’s the worst that can happen?  Doesn’t go in?  You’ve just learned something about break!

When you’ve done all of your preparation, all you should be thinking about as you stroke through the ball is the amount of speed you need to get from point A to point B (The Hole!). 

If you properly prepare and practice, you should start seeing some improvement in your putting.  Don’t throw away those “Oh So Important” strokes!

Come see me for a putting lesson and let’s see if we can knock off some strokes in your game! 

Linda Jochim
LPGA Class “A” Member                                                                                                                      Leatherman Golf Learning Center   

2015 Golf Range Association of America Top 50 RangeCongratulations to Leatherman Golf!

Congratulations! It is with great pleasure that I can tell you that Leatherman Golf Learning Center has been selected as a 2016 Golf Range Association of America Top 50 Range in the Stand Alone Category.


Linda’s Students Improve by Leaps and Bounds on the Green

(Originally posted on the Certified Putting Instructor Website)

Certified Putting Instructor Linda Jochim, a LPGA Class “A” professional based at Leatherman Golf Learning Center in Charlotte, N.C. has been helping her students improve their game through better putting.

“The CPI course helped me immensely, both with personal performance, as well as my teaching. I feel like I’m really “well-armed” with loads of pertinent information that I am now able to pass on to my students.”

The Putter Technology section of the course was also useful in helping her students understand more about putters.

“I learned so much about putting and putters; why they’re made the way they are, what’s the best type and visual look of putters.”

In addition, Linda has spent more time teaching on the green, sharing her new-found, specialized knowledge of teaching putting.

“I have given several putting only lessons lately and my students are improving by leaps and bounds! I have also had great feedback about how much they have improved – so, it seems like the course and knowledge gained from it has been a great personal success for me and my students!”



Leatherman Introduces FlightScope

FlightScope just launched the X2 and Leatherman Golf Learning Center now offers the FlightScope for your next club fitting! FlightScope is the next generation 3D club and ball tracking radar that allows you to measure and see swing, club and ball data on our iPad2. Take your game to the next level with the X2, the world's most accurate and portable launch monitor.

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