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March 2017 Monthly Friendly Tip

Well, we are just about out of winter and looking forward to the Masters!  It is the grand event that seems to officially start off the Golfing Season.  Everyone watches with awe and wonder and says to themselves:  “Yeah, I think I can do that!”  And that’s when all of the newbie and wanna be golfers begin to come out of the woodwork.  I am ready for YOU!

For the new, aspiring golfer:  The best thing you can do is Get Some Lessons!  Trust me, this is not a game where you get yourself a new set of clubs and merrily go on your way to the golf course thinking, “I’m going to figure this thing out all by myself”.  Ask any golfer – they will more often than not tell you that you are much better off learning proper swing fundamentals from a PGA or LPGA Class “A” Instructor.  Don’t wait until you develop so many bad habits.  Trust me, it’s much more difficult to correct bad habits then it is to learn the swing properly to begin with!  I’m just trying to make your job a little easier.

We believe that it’s easier to learn the golf swing from shortest club to longest.  Let’s think about this logically:  With a shorter club (pitching wedge, 9 Iron) you are standing a little closer to the ball and your clubface has a greater amount of loft.  This alone give you a much higher percentage chance of getting that little white ball up in the air – Yay!   This makes you feel good about yourself and begins to build confidence in your swing.  Now, isn’t that something worth thinking about?  I want you to be able to learn to Love this game as much as I do.  It truly is the game of a lifetime.  Don’t miss out on this.

For all of you parents.  It is a Fantastic way to spend an afternoon with your child.  Just imagine:  NO cell phone, NO I-Pad, NO computer – NO other distractions – just you and your child enjoying being together!  Isn’t that worth everything?  I think it’s worth a try. 

For all of you novice or experienced golfers:  Don’t overlook the possibility that your swing might just possibly require some “Tweaking” from the long winter off.  The earlier you start working, the better shape your game will be in come Spring and Summer.  Please don’t waste this time in getting a jump start on all of your friends and competitors. 

I’ve had many students come to me and say, “I’ve never had lessons before because I’m afraid that you’re going to change everything!”  Everyone is different:  Different Height, Different body shape, Different Mental way they approach the swing and game…..Different, Different, DIFFERENT!  So, why would you assume that there is just one perfect swing for everyone?  My job is to try and get you to have the best swing possible for YOUR specific body type and swing motion.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Please think this over and come see me for (maybe) your First Lesson.  I only do Positive – if you want Negative, then ya gotta go someplace else!  Negative neither motivates nor inspires (and that includes Junior golfers, as well).  I want you to have fun, get some important golf knowledge and look forward to coming back for more.  Remember, IT IS A GAME!

Take care, enjoy the rest of the remaining winter and Swing Happy!

Linda Jochim
LPGA Class “A” Member
Leatherman Golf Learning Center   

2015 Golf Range Association of America Top 50 RangeCongratulations to Leatherman Golf!

Congratulations! It is with great pleasure that I can tell you that Leatherman Golf Learning Center has been selected as a 2016 Golf Range Association of America Top 50 Range in the Stand Alone Category.


Linda’s Students Improve by Leaps and Bounds on the Green

(Originally posted on the Certified Putting Instructor Website)

Certified Putting Instructor Linda Jochim, a LPGA Class “A” professional based at Leatherman Golf Learning Center in Charlotte, N.C. has been helping her students improve their game through better putting.

“The CPI course helped me immensely, both with personal performance, as well as my teaching. I feel like I’m really “well-armed” with loads of pertinent information that I am now able to pass on to my students.”

The Putter Technology section of the course was also useful in helping her students understand more about putters.

“I learned so much about putting and putters; why they’re made the way they are, what’s the best type and visual look of putters.”

In addition, Linda has spent more time teaching on the green, sharing her new-found, specialized knowledge of teaching putting.

“I have given several putting only lessons lately and my students are improving by leaps and bounds! I have also had great feedback about how much they have improved – so, it seems like the course and knowledge gained from it has been a great personal success for me and my students!”



Leatherman Introduces FlightScope

FlightScope just launched the X2 and Leatherman Golf Learning Center now offers the FlightScope for your next club fitting! FlightScope is the next generation 3D club and ball tracking radar that allows you to measure and see swing, club and ball data on our iPad2. Take your game to the next level with the X2, the world's most accurate and portable launch monitor.

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