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Your Monthly Golf Instruction Tip from Linda Jochim...

May 2017 Monthly Friendly Tip

Happy May!  Let’s talk Putting.....I know, I know!  I always manage to bring it up.  But surely you have to admit that this little stroke is the most important thing you will do all day. Just to refresh:  “Regulation Putting” is considered to be 2 strokes per green.  If there are 18 holes in a round of golf that means 2 x 18 = 36 strokes.  If Par is listed on your card as 72 – well, then, my friends.....that means your putting counts for ½ of everything you do out there.....YIKES!!!

Perhaps we should spend some time learning how to putt better.  I always tell my students that Good Putting is NOT an accident.  It is a FINE ART.  And we just witnessed at the finish of the Masters how it ALWAYS comes down to putting.  Tour Players are such excellent putters because they leave mothing to chance. They are fanatical about their set-up.

Let’s start at the beginning:  (1) Grip (I prefer “Reverse Overlap” with very light pressure); (2) Stance; (3) Balance (Key to a proper set-up); (4) Arm Hang (you need to let your arms hang down naturally); (5) Ball Position.  These are just the things you need to do to get READY to putt.  Please don’t think that you do not need to have a properly fit putter – your putter is the most important tool in your bag.  Don’t you think it’s worth a few minutes to make sure that it is the right length for you?  Most people never consider this possibility.  Don’t be one of them!

Now you are ready to make a stroke.  What is involved in a proper putting stroke?  Well, you need to start the ball rolling on line – end-over-end – in order to give you the most predictable roll distance.  In order to do this you have to be able to see the line correctly.  There is something called “Parallax Error”.  What, you may ask, is this?  It is about your perception on how you see the line.  It can have an effect on how you do or do not make a solid strike, enabling you to roll that little ball end-over-end.

Here’s a few things to think about:  Do you have shaft lean at address?  This can affect your “Dynamic Loft” at the moment of impact. Believe it or not, this could possibly cause sidespin, backspin or hopping when you stroke through the ball.  This definitely can affect the proper roll distance.  Confused?  I told you this was a fine art, not an accident.

There is SO MUCH involved in the putting stroke. If you would like to try and “Up” your game by some serious work on your putting, please come see me for an in-depth look at what’s going on in your stroke.   I know there are many things that need to happen in order for you to be able to putt your best, and, that my friend equals Lower Scores. This is why I LOVE short game lessons.  We are all after dropping off some strokes from our game.

Take care.....and, as always.....“Swing Happy”

Linda Jochim
LPGA Class “A” Member
Leatherman Golf Learning Center   

2015 Golf Range Association of America Top 50 RangeCongratulations to Leatherman Golf!

Congratulations! It is with great pleasure that I can tell you that Leatherman Golf Learning Center has been selected as a 2016 Golf Range Association of America Top 50 Range in the Stand Alone Category.

Linda’s Students Improve by Leaps and Bounds on the Green

(Originally posted on the Certified Putting Instructor Website)

Certified Putting Instructor Linda Jochim, a LPGA Class “A” professional based at Leatherman Golf Learning Center in Charlotte, N.C. has been helping her students improve their game through better putting. “The CPI course helped me immensely, both with personal performance, as well as my teaching. I feel like I’m really “well-armed” with loads of pertinent information that I am now able to pass on to my students.”

The Putter Technology section of the course was also useful in helping her students understand more about putters. “I learned so much about putting and putters; why they’re made the way they are, what’s the best type and visual look of putters.”

In addition, Linda has spent more time teaching on the green, sharing her new-found, specialized knowledge of teaching putting. “I have given several putting only lessons lately and my students are improving by leaps and bounds! I have also had great feedback about how much they have improved – so, it seems like the course and knowledge gained from it has been a great personal success for me and my students!”



Leatherman Introduces FlightScope.

FlightScope just launched the X2 and Leatherman Golf Learning Center now offers the FlightScope for your next club fitting! FlightScope is the next generation 3D club and ball tracking radar that allows you to measure and see swing, club and ball data on our iPad2. Take your game to the next level with the X2, the world's most accurate and portable launch monitor. Contact Leatherman Golf Learning Center - 704-527-1123